Directv celebrity beach bowl 2009

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Directv celebrity beach bowl 2009

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DIRECTV's 3rd Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl - Inside January 31, 2009 - Progress Energy Park, Home of Al Lang Field St. Petersburg, FL United States Celebrities that participated in the Beach Bowl were given the extra Benefit of having the opportunity to walk through GBK Productions Gift Lounge. What is the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl and what do they do there?. July 06, 2009 Total points: 222720 (Level 7) Add to My Contacts; Block User.

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AP Images; January 31, 2009 ; 214 words. Actress Blake Lively participates in the DIRECTV Celebrity Beach Bowl at Progress Energy Park, Saturday, Jan. 31, 2009 in St. Actors and Actresses » Blake Lively » Appearances » 2008 » 2nd Annual DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl - January 31st 2008.

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DIRECTV will add to the Super Bowl hype this year with the 2009 edition of the Celebrity Beach Bowl. Once again the game will be televised live on DIRECTV’s exclusive channel,. 2009 Emmy Awards; 2009 Grammy Awards; 2009 Halloween; 2009 TEEN’s Choice Awards. Third Annual DIRECTV Celebrity Beach Bowl, Saturday, Jan 31 1:30p at Progress Energy Park.