Directsound setvolume

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Directsound setvolume

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I've driven myself crazy tonight with the SetVolume malarky, and finally learnt a very important lesson about DirectSound.. I went through my code (several times) and couldn't see. PyIDirectSoundBuffer.SetVolume. SetVolume() Description of SetVolume. Instead of instructing DirectSound to increase or decrease the amplitude, SetVolume() controls the attenuation (or anti-gain, if you will). If you send a 0, which is equal to.

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Is it supposed to only work with the front left/right channels? If I create the buffer with the DSBCAPS_LOCSOFTWARE flag set, the SetVolume function works on all channels. Directsound buffer.. setvolume works.. sometimes Directsound buffer.. setvolume works.. sometimes DirectSound: DirectX8, Playing Tone, Trying to FadeIn/FadeOut Visual Basic 6 and Earlier. DSBLOCK_DEFAULT End Sub Private Sub Play_Click() dsToneBuffer.SetVolume -1500.

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[Archive] Directsound buffer.. setvolume works.. sometimes Game Development & Technical Allowable values are between DSBVOLUME_MAX (no attenuation) and DSBVOLUME_MIN (silence). These values are defined in Dsound.h as 0 and 10,000 respectively. I’m rewriting my app (C++, sound playing and capturing) using Windows Core Audio instead of DirectSound so that it could work in Win 7 . I need to get and set volume levels for.