Russian satellite tv uk

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Russian satellite tv uk

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We are London based company that provides complete splutions and services in the field of Satellite Television and Home Entertainment. You can receive free digital satellite TV channels in lots of languages.. General/Entertainment TV programmes in Russian. Satellite: Hot Bird 6 at 13E, 12.597GHz V 27500.

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Russian TV in the UK Non-platform specific satellite TV. Non-platform specific satellite TV For all non-platform specific discussions about satellite TV, including non-28.2Ā° services This PC satellite TV arrives with a 3000 TV channels package from across the world. The nicest watch television on computer and best bargains in the land may subsist found in well. Great value system to enjoy Russian TV and radio from the Hotbird Satellite 13Ā° east. The 6 TV channels available with this system are Music Box Ru, Perviy kanal Europa, Planeta. Supersport-7, ESPN Africa, DD sports, Bloomberg TV UK, Geo. Russian Satellite TV Package in China Language English. Languages: Russian, Ukrainian Satellite: Amos 1/2 - 4.0 W Dish Size: North. Silas Mante is a Director of Mantesat, a UK based company supplying and installing Satellite TV.