Dtv antenna direction

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Dtv antenna direction

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Optimize Your DTV Antenna with AntennaWeb. I simply busted out my trusty Boy Scout compass, pointed the antenna in the exact direction stated. I'm not too far from broadcast towers, but I have problems sometimes picking up VHF channels. Anyone ever try a smart antenna? My converter box has

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powered rabbit ear antenna rig from Radio Shack, but I am certain I can different directions?. Yes, to make useful recommendations, we need some information on your location. check out our frequently asked questions about DTV antennas and designed to improve the gain of the antenna concentrated in one direction.

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DTV - Why Over-The-Air Is Better Antenna Upgrades Maybe Needed: If you hook up your DTV Converter, follow the directions to “scan” for channels, and get nothing — or just a. AC lines 40 feet from the antenna run parallel to the antenna direction for about 1/3 mile. On the cheap Insignia brand DTV tuner, the reception varies from the top of the “bad. Zenith Urban Suburban Outdoor Uhf Hdtv Dtv Antenna Gemdtv1; Dtv Antenna Pointing; Dtv Antennas and Receivers; Dtv Antenna Direction; Homemade Dtv Antenna. I am told that most of the TV stations have their transmitting antennas on Mount Wilson. Is there a web site I can go to that shows me what compass degree to point my antenna from. will be putting out more power later, and also they're doing some testing right now, so the DTV signal has been dropping in and out, etc. I'd try changing the antenna's direction.