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Jmldirect tv

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Welcome to the Facebook Community Page about JML Direct TV, a collection of shared knowledge concerning JML Direct TV. Name of Channels: JML Direct Description: Country: United-Kingdom Homepage: JML Direct Live Stream: Yes Enjoy more free TV and Movie by visiting.

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A huge success in the States these clever magnetic reading glasses are virtually impossible to misplace! I. Street Address: JML House, Regis Road: City: London: Country: United Kingdom: Postal/Zip Code: NW5 3EG: Telephone +44 (0)871 221 2677 / (0)870 111 8888: Email: JML Direct TV is a generic name for a series of British shopping channels broadcasting on the Sky, Freesat and Freeview platforms, owned by JML Direct Limited. On this point the infomercial breached CAP (Broadcast) TV Advertising Standards Code rules 5.1 (Misleading) and 5.2.1 (Evidence). 7. Upheld . We noted JML Direct Ltd had submitted no. JML Direct Promotional Code 2010 Get Codes by RSS. JML Direct,, has all the best products for your home and personal care that you have seen advertised on television

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Shop online with JML Direct for great value Kitchenware, DIY, Home and Garden and Beauty. Kitchen; DIY & Motors; Cleaning; Wellbeing; Homewares; Beauty; Offers; JML TV Online. Name of Channels: JML Direct Shop Description: Country: Germany Homepage: JML Direct Shop Live Stream: Yes Enjoy more free TV and Movie by visiting. JML, the consumer product brand retailer and leader in in-store video promotions, has relaunched its shopping channel JML Direct TV. News from Marketingservicestalk, 16 March 2007 Shop by Department / JML Direct TV. Product information and prices are provided by merchants and/or third party sources.