Idirectsoundbuffer setvolume

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Idirectsoundbuffer setvolume

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DEFINE_GUID (IID_IDirectSoundBuffer, 0x279AFA85,0x4981,0x11CE,0xA5,0x21,0x00,0x20,0xAF,0x0B,0xE5,0x60); 00084 typedef struct IDirectSoundBuffer * LPDIRECTSOUNDBUFFER,**. DEFINE_GUID (IID_IDirectSoundBuffer, 0x279AFA85,0x4981,0x11CE,0xA5,0x21,0x00,0x20,0xAF,0x0B,0xE5,0x60); 76 typedef struct IDirectSoundBuffer *LPDIRECTSOUNDBUFFER. a) (p)->lpVtbl->SetCurrentPosition(p,a) 00722 #define IDirectSoundBuffer_SetFormat(p,a) (p)->lpVtbl->SetFormat(p,a) 00723 #define IDirectSoundBuffer_SetVolume(p,a. 00019 IDirectSoundBuffer* buffer, 00020 int length, 00021 int frame_size);. ADR_CALL getRepeat (); 00031 00032 void ADR_CALL setVolume (float volume); 00033. *DirectSoundBuffer.IDirectSoundBuffer=PeekL(*SoundObject) *DirectSoundBuffer\SetVolume (-1000+(Volume.l*10)) *DirectSoundBuffer\GetVolume (@CurrentVolume)

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Remarks. The volume is specified in hundredths of decibels (dB). Allowable values are between DSBVOLUME_MAX (no attenuation) and DSBVOLUME_MIN (silence). When an application program calls IDirectSoundBuffer::SetVolume on an unaccelerated DirectSound buffer, for example, the call generates a KSPROPERTY_AUDIO_VOLUMELEVEL set-property. // 'struct' not 'class' per the way DECLARE_INTERFACE_ is defined // # ifdef __cplusplus struct IDirectSound; struct IDirectSoundBuffer; struct IDirectSound3DListener; struct.

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DEFINE_GUID (IID_IDirectSoundBuffer, 0x279AFA85,0x4981,0x11CE,0xA5,0x21,0x00,0x20,0xAF,0x0B,0xE5,0x60); typedef struct IDirectSoundBuffer * LPDIRECTSOUNDBUFFER,** LPLPDIRECTSOUNDBUFFER. #define IDirectSoundBuffer8_SetVolume(p,a) IDirectSoundBuffer_SetVolume(p,a) #define IDirectSoundBuffer8_SetPan(p,a) IDirectSoundBuffer.