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Actualy there are one - *.m2ts reporting subtitles even when m2ts doesn't have any = MP throws warning message window and directvob sub is loaded. το περιεργο επισης ειναι,οτι σ`αυτην την ματροσκα,δεν "βγαινει" το directvob,που συνηθως τρεχει στις.

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Download DirectVobSub (VSFilter) 2.39 : DirectVobSub is simply a DirectShow filter which can be used to display subtitle. DirectVobSub integrates automatically with any DirectShow. You can disable the auto-loading feature on Directvob, just right click on the green arrow on your systray during the playback and you should see it. Hi, Does anyone knows how to make a library that loads automatically when a video is played in the Windows Media Player. .just like directvob that shows the legends. Ahora configuremos el vobsub nos vamos a inicio todos los programas k-lite codec pack configuration directvob sub nos vamos a la pestaña general donde dice vertical padding la.

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If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. since directvob sub doesn't work too well, I would like to add the subtitles into the mkv container of my video file without re-encoding. Is there a shows FFDshow being used for audio, but when playing an MKV, the audio does not seem to be using FFDshow according to the tray icon(pic attached) I also noticed that the DirectVOB. 播放HDTV TS file 教學 使用軟件: MPC ,Media Player classic Moonlight-Elecard Cordless Mpeg Player CyberLink DVDPlayer DirectVob Sub字幕播放軟 ..