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Mythtv schedulesdirect

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Forum rules Get Help using the Schedules Direct service. NOTE: application issues are probably better resolved via the applicatoin's support methods. Zap2it Labs currently provides to many MythTV users is scheduled to shut down on September 1. Today MythTV users learned how much a replacement service offered by Schedules Direct. [Text View] MythTV 20.2 and Schedulesdirect installation results HTPC - Linux Chat In a few days, Zap2it Labs will stop providing the free program guide data that earlier versions of MythTV relied on. Unlike the Zap2it Labs data, Schedules direct program guides.

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Hey everyone. I just finally got MythTV working again. I decided to go without the remote just because I miss being able to record stuff and have had -- 401 unauthorized MythTV Users This is my page for MythTV information, including details of my book on the topic. From MythTV. Schedules Direct. For this service you can find the ID easily: Log in to your account. MythTV needs a guide to know when to start recording. This guide information is. If you are in Canada or in the US, use Schedules Direct. If you live in the UK, Ireland.

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I needed to upgrade to MythTV 0.20.2 to use Schedules Direct. I started by following the directions in to upgrade. I was out of the country when SchedulesDirect launched, so I couldn’t upgrade MythTV until I returned home on September 8. After a couple of days worth of testing, I only.