Large directional tv antenna

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Large directional tv antenna

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The 4228 is the equal of a large directional antenna for UHF but a poor antenna for VHF except maybe. Other Satellite / Cable TV Offerings. General CableTV & Satellite Forum. Large Multi-Directional UHF HDTV Antenna The DB4 has become our most popular model because it is simply the cable run is over 100 feet long from the antenna in the attic to the TV. Save Money to Buy Large Directional Antenna.Order Large Directional Antenna here.Look more of. TV Antennas • Audio & Video Antennas • Car Audio & Video Antennas • Satellite. Antenna Pros Digital HD TV Antenna with 360 Degree Motorized Rotation. Our Best. Any Color Code - This large directional antenna can be used in any color code specified on.

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3S-4228, HD-8800, HD-8200U, HD-9095P, CM-3018, CM-3671, CM-3677, CM-3678, CM-3679, CM-4228 Large Directional Indoor Outdoor Attic Roof HD TV Antennas for Sale shipping Across. Terk Technologies TV38 Outdoor Large Directional Television Antenna TV38 Outdoor Large Television Tuners, Satellite Receivers & Antennas TV38 Outdoor Large Directional Television. RCA's ANT1500 large multi-directional digital flat antenna (white) is a flat multi-directional antenna. 5.0 out of 5 stars Affordable and Good Antenna for Your TV I like this purchase.

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Large Directional Antenna - 8 results like the 43XG Yagi-Style HDTV Antenna, Antennas Direct DB8 Multidirectional HDTV TV Antenna, Terk TV38 Large Directional HDTV Outdoor. Do you need an UHF antenna, VHF antenna or a dual-band VHF/UHF TV antenna? Directional outdoor VHF antennas tend to be quite large, much bigger than UHF antennas. 3 Star Inc has the Best Made and Longest Range Large Multi-Directional Indoor Outdoor Attic Roof HD TV Antennas on Sale online, Local Pick-up and Available for Immediate.