Lcd tv direct sunlight

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Lcd tv direct sunlight

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Computer Monitors question: If you have direct sunlight is an LCD or Plasma monitor better? RTFM: The LCD screen of this product can be damaged by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. As a result, the modified LCD is viewable under lighting conditions including direct sunlight. navigator/video systems, table PC, KIOSK, POS, LCD TV.

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So Should I Get A Plasma or LCD TV? 1) What size of a screen will you be selecting? reason I mention this is that the plasma's glass screen can reflect plenty of direct sunlight. How to Configure an LCD TV; How Do You Make the Olevia LT32HV HDTV-Ready? How. If possible, keep the TV away from too much direct sunlight. If you want to mount your television to the.

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Back of my Bravia TV faces the window and remains. … Back of my Bravia TV faces the window and remains under direct heat and sunlight for 3 hours daily in the afternoon. • Avoid exposing your LCD TV to direct sunlight or another heat source. Orient your LCD TV away from direct sunlight to reduce glare. • Always handle your LCD display with care when. To witness this phenomenon, simply stand in front of an LCD television. LCD I have now has eliminated all but the most sever direct sunlight problem, and I can still watch the LCD.