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We are a company that is changing the way we access and control our media devices through the use of voice. We believe that voice control should be an easy and natural transition. Listado de todos los elementos marcados con el tag [iphone] Posts marcados con el tag. DirectVoxx Muso. Voice command tunes on iPhone and iPod with Muso by DirectVoxx. DirectVoxx’s “muso” is a small pocket sized iPhone and iPod accessory which allows the user to access music with.

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Calgary-based DirectVoxx Inc. is attending’s Holiday Preview Event today in in New York where they will be unveiling the JavaScript がオフになっているか、Adobe Flash Playerがインストールされていません。 →こちらから最新の Flash Player を入手してください。.

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DirectVoxx を手持ちの iPod につなげると、なんと音声操作が可能になる、というものだ。. Voice activated iPod dock. DirectVoxx has unveiled the Muso, a pocket-sized dock for your iPod or iPhone that allows you to talk to either so you won't get distracted changing. We can't deny the usefulness of a voice controlled iPod at the gym, while running or snowboarding, or when overcome by the fits of extreme. Voice Controlled iPod: DirectVoxx Voice Controlled iPod and iPhone