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RedirectView Fails In IE May 21, 2005 – 02:04 | microsoft, spring. This isn’t really a Spring. Post a Comment. Name. E-mail (will not be published) Website RedirectView () Constructor for use as a bean. RedirectView (String url) Create a new RedirectView. However, some clients depend on 303 when redirecting after a POST request; turn this. Use RedirectView as the view and add the request parameters in the model.. It's still not working > but I'll > post an example of the code and the xdoclet. I found Tamer Salama's Weblog post about Spring controller forwarding extremely useful. FYI - I went with the RedirectView option, but I put my information on the URL as parameters The RedirectView essentially solves the problem of refreshing after a POST request because a GET request is inserted right after it. The user will no longer receive warnings.

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public RedirectView (String url, boolean contextRelative. However, some clients depend on 303 when redirecting after a POST request; turn this. If you don't want to use Spring Security, I think you can use spring mvc RedirectView to. Spring MVC(Spring 2.5) Question about Post-Redirect-Get Do something with the submitted User return new ModelAndView(new RedirectView. @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.POST) public ModelAndView submit(@ModelAttribute.

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