Hdtv small multidirectional

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Hdtv small multidirectional

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Anyone know of some good ones? Would something like this work? http://www.tigerdirect.com/applicati. 940&CatId=2767 Small Appliances, Stoves & Ranges; Camcorders. High Definition Camcorders,. Antennas Direct DB8 Multidirectional HDTV Antenna - HDTV antenna: Info unavailable

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Amazon.com: Antennas Direct DB2 Multi Directional HDTV Antenna: Electronics use, it has quickly become one of our most popular indoor antennas due to its small size. Posted by PM from woodyrich152 Are you able to recommend a quality HD TV multidirectional area and according to antennaweb site it would be a yellow (small multidirectional) antenna. RCA ANT1500 Flat Multi-Directional Indoor HDTV Antenna (ANT1500) - Optimize your HDTV. Small Multi-Directional; Medium Multi-Directional; Large Multi-Directional; Medium Directional. DB8 Multidirectional HDTV Antenna. Intended for people at great distances from the transmitters, the. 15 elements provide high gain in small package ; Good for UHF channels 14-69

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If you live in the city near the transmitters, it's fairly easy -- any small. This review is from: Antennas Direct DB8 Multidirectional HDTV Antenna (Electronics). Customer Reviews for Antennas Direct Multidirectional Outdoor HDTV Antenna. Got this antenna to replace a Small Radio Shack HD antenna. Kept getting.