Direct view crt hdtv

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Direct view crt hdtv

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HDTV Ready? Different Aspects: 16:9 vs. 4:3; Connectivity: Your TV is Not an Island. Direct View (CRT) TVs Direct view or CRT TVs are the old stand-by, tube-type sets we've all come to. [Archive] 720p or 1080p source for my 1080i CRT Direct View HDTV? The High Definition Lounge.

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Direct-view CRT: CRT (cathode-ray tube) direct view televisions are the integrated (TV tuner/display/speakers) sets we have known for the past 50 years. HDTV for $500 to $999 ATI HDTV Wonder PC video card, $200 Dell W1700 17-inch LCD, $700 Philips 30PW8402/37 30-inch direct-view CRT, $799 HDTV for $1000 to $1499.

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Read product reviews and find out more about the Sony KD-34XBR960 Direct View TVs (CRT. Sony's 34-inch wide-screen tube-based direct-view HDTV, the KD-34XBR960, is simply the. Specifically, I'm interested in the Sony HDTV models, with 32-36" diagonal Direct View CRT screens. Is this a sensible question? Also, why do reviewers say that the better plasma. Five years ago, in 2001, Sony introduced the first 40-inch Direct View HDTV CRT Television featuring flat-screen WEGA (pronounced “Vega”) tube technology. - Sanyo HT32744 - 32" CRT TV - 1080i - HDTV - Product specs for Sanyo HT32744 32 inch TV